Plug plants rather than seeds are the perfect choice for gardeners

Posted on: October 4th, 2009 by Rob

A recent Which? report found that up to 59 per cent of vegetable seeds in a packet may be dead and up to 73 per cent of flower seeds may fail to germinate. But the same problem does not apply to plug plants.

With plug plants such a failure rate does not occur as the varieties are already alive, growing and ready for planting.

Gardening Direct is one of the UK’s leading mail order suppliers and on-line retailers of live plants, with a comprehensive collection of fruit and vegetable varieties to suit all gardens and soil conditions. Over two million customers have bought Gardening Direct’s plug plants to date.

The company has many years of experience in supplying vegetables that are easy to grow yet full of flavour so their plug plants are the perfect choice for gardeners of all ages and all abilities.

As well as perennial favourites such as Cabbage Spring Hero and Broad Bean Aquadulce, the Gardening Direct range also features unusual varieties of fruit such as Gooseberry Invicta and Raspberry Glen Ample

To make it easy for town gardeners with little space, the company offers a Patio Collection with varieties like Courgette Buckingham and Tomato Micro Tom, all producing tasty vegetables in a planter or tub.

There is also a Greenhouse Collection of salad vegetables and a Herb Collection featuring the five most popular culinary herbs (Thyme, Chives, Sweet Basil, Coriander and Parsley).

Prices are highly competitive, starting at only £4.99 for five large plants. So not only is growing from plug plants easier than growing from seed, but also it is substantially less costly than buying finished plants from garden centres.

Also, growing from plug plants saves time; typically it takes up to 20 weeks to germinate Begonias from seed.

Finally, growing from plug plants allows gardeners to grow varieties they would have difficulty growing otherwise.

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