Essex turf grower looks to local supplier to reduce carbon footprint

Posted on: December 18th, 2007 by Rob

Running four lorries daily to deliver their turf products to customers in south-east England, Paynes Turf (F.E.Payne and Son) use a high quantity of road diesel. Added to this, five other vehicles owned by the company are diesel fuelled and this led the company’s Stephen Payne to look into a greener alternative to conventional fuel to reduce their business carbon footprint. A chance conversation in early January 2007 with good friend Adam Brown, partner of Anglian EcoFuels Ltd. from Great Holland near Frinton-on-Sea has led Paynes to now run their entire fleet on biodiesel.

Since receiving their first batch of biodiesel in January, Paynes has used it across their entire road going fleet. Initial checks with all vehicle manufacturers led to no perceived warranty or running issues and this led the company to pursue the exercise without worry, despite some bad press on the quality of some biodiesel products available but Paynes were reassured that Anglian EcoFuels Ltd.’s product was of the highest standard. In the first two months of use, the company has been extremely satisfied with the quality of product and service from the company, witnessing no problems with engines or reduced fuel consumption. Stephen Payne comments: “we decided to go to biodiesel for a variety of reasons, one being to reduce our carbon footprint. We grow a ‘green’ product in turf and we felt that delivery was our most ‘un green’ part of our business. Our main rivals use external hauliers so they cannot dictate that these operate on biodiesel but we have the choice. Also, we are supporting a new local business in Anglia EcoFuels Ltd. who supply us as and when we need diesel – we merely call up to order and it is with us the same or next day.”

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