£9.99 Spray Beats the Hosepipe Ban

Posted on: April 13th, 2012 by Rob

JML reports a 144 per cent rise in waterless car spray compared to last year-

The hosepipe ban is having an impact on sales of water-saving products. Consumer brand JML has seen sales figures of its waterless car cleaner, called Mantis Instant Shine, rise rapidly.

It means that clean car fans don’t have to flout the ban to keep up appearances. Motorists use it to leave cars with a clean and glossy finish. Manufacturer JML has seen sales rise by 144 per cent year on year from 331,878 units to 806,625 units.

Thom Bateman spokesperson for Mantis says: “Waterless car wash products are coming into their own right now as motorists want quick-fixes to the hosepipe ban. We knew that the announcement would affect sales but not so rapidly. It means that they can have a spotless looking car without flouting the ban.”

Clean car enthusiasts simply spray their car, wipe clean a few minutes later and then buff to a shine. The spray has a cumulative effect – the more it’s used, the less it is needed. It lifts dirt and grime off the bodywork and suspends it within the liquid.

Waterless cleaners were developed by the aeronautical industry over twenty years ago. It was used to clean fighter jets in arid environments like North Africa and the Middle East where water is in short supply. Used to keep the fuselage, wings, tails and landing gears spotless, they also keep fuel costs down.

Mantis Instant Shine retails at £9.99 and is available from www.JMLdirect.com, ASDA and The Range

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