70,000 people put Barenbrug Green Velvet lawn seed to the test at Creamfields festival

Posted on: November 11th, 2014 by Rob

‘The Emergency Life Saver’ is a new ultra hard-wearing grass that germinates faster than any other, even in very cold winter temperatures.

Barenbrug, one of the UK’s most innovative grass seed producers, supplies the lawn seed to Creamfields, the electronic dance music festival.

Ed Dawson, Landscape Contractor for Creamfields uses The Emergency Life Saver to sow high-traffic main stage areas and walkways because of its: “unrivalled resilience, good looks and lightening germination.”

This year almost 70,000 people descended upon the rolling pastures of the Daresbury Estate in Cheshire, for three days of outdoor partying over the August Bank Holiday.

This was the ultimate test for the Emergency Life Saver, part of Barenbrug’s new Green Velvet lawn seed for landscapers and gardeners.

Over 15 years in research and development, the overseeding ryegrass blend offers FASTER establishment than any other 100 percent perennial ryegrass blend.

The Emergency Life Saver provides the ultimate Quick Fix mixture for emergency repairs to give year-round cover on a lawn.

• Keep a packet in the shed for year round grass patching requirements – it’s perfect for quick repairs

• Repairs after damage (ideal for winter and early spring or year round cover for bare patches)

• Gets your lawn green fast

• Contains annual ryegrass for cool temperature growth – capable of germinating down to 3.5°C and fast, in just 3-5 days.

Said Ed:

“After the 2012 floods, the festival was cut short and the ground was wrecked. Foot deep ruts over about 40% of the 400 acre grounds. A new drainage system had to be put in, which meant we couldn’t reseed in autumn as usual. When I took the site back in April 2013 I had less than four months get it ready for the festival. We didn’t think it was possible.”

Tasked with renovating a site the size of 230 football pitches, Ed turned to ‘The Emergency Life Saver’ lawn seed.

Despite an unrealistic establishment window, and with time and a vast acreage against him, he set to work and by August the site was ready with dense, quality turf that looked good and had a thick base that could withstand heavy wear.

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